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The South West of France is ‘golf country’. Guy Lalanne gives us a precise and well researched history.
Pau (1856) and Biarritz (1881) are widely described in this book, as are all the others, such as Chantaco, Chiberta and La Nivelle. Defunct golf courses are also mentioned, such as ‘Le golf des Anglais’ at Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Argelès Gazost, Gavarnie, Hendaye etc.
To show just how much attention the author paid to this research, he included two lesser known small golf courses, Iduskian (1924) and Mendichka (1930).
For those interested in the history of golf in France this book is a ‘must read’.


Pays basque – Béarn – Bigorre - 15 Golfs d'avant-guerre

Lalanne, Guy

Golf de Chantilly was inaugurated in 1909 with a match between the French golf legends Arnaud Massy and Jean Gassiat.
The course was designed in 1909 by the English champion J.H. Taylor. It was modified in 1920 by Simpson (see also the book on Fowler reviewed here).
Over the years Golf de Chantilly has hosted many national and international competitions, and continues to do so. The club has a well established tradition of supporting top level competitive amateur golf.
The book has many interesting illustrations, some of which are particularly rare.


Golf de Chantilly

Brochu, Sébastien

‘These memories are not vanity, they are neither a bible nor an encyclopaedia but a mosaic. You will find, of course, omissions, oversights and mistakes but also some preferences.
Above all, there are forty years of love for golf and its history.
These miscellanies are meant to be a bedside book for lovers of the little white ball. One of those books that you open with curiosity. Which you take in hand. Which you close… And to which one also likes to return.
Reading the book we learn some golf stories and of anecdotes which will allow us to enrich the conversations at the 19th hole.’


Les Miscellanées du golf - 1244- 2021

Jeanneau, Georges

If the contents of this book are not entirely new, Sara pays tribute to her late husband Geert, with whom she co-authored several books on the origins of ‘golf-like games’.
This is  a revised and redesigned edition of a book published in 2008 by Geert and Sara.
See Golfika N° 28


Choule, The Non-Royal but most Ancient Game of Crosse

Geert Nijs et Sara Kieboom-Nijs

  By Renato Cartasi.

A beautiful book.Editor contact :


Golf d'Azur

Cartasi, Renato

40 years of golf souvenirs ! These 200 pages of memories and anecdotes by a great golfing traveller are a treat!

Claude is a famous golf journalist, former editor of Golf Magazine.
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PAR 72

Granveaud-Vallat, Claude

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