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Gustave Golias, born 1892 in Versailles, died 1980 (buried in Versailles).

In 1911, with his brother René, il was Arnaud Massy's assistant at La Boulie (Paris Golf Club). After WWI (he was in French Air Force), in 1919 he played in the "Jeux Interalliés".

    While still teaching at La Boulie, he started pro at Fourqueux where a golf was open in 1921.

In summer time, he was at Vittel. There, he met Pacha El Glaoui and in 1926 he went to Morocco to design a golf course, also being Pacha's personal pro. A four hole course was inaugurated in 1927, extended to 9 holes the next year. Gustave was a keen gardener; he planted a large veriety of tree species, building a true
In 1933, with Arnaud Massy and Bouchaib Stitou's help, he redesigned the course.

  With Pacha El Glaoui.
  Course map (1928) Score card Score card

Other courses were designed by Gustave Golias. To name a few: Tanger, Dakar and also the first nine holes in Fédala (Mohamédia).
Interestingly, he wrote forword to a small booklet "Pour s'entrainer au golf chez soi". [Golf training at home]

His son Roger was Percy Boomer and Henry Cotton's assistant. He is now pro at Saint Nom la Bretèche. He founded the magazine "Golf Senior" and wrote several books (e.g. "La méthode concrète" Egérie Golf, ed.).

René Golias, Gustave's brother.

Like Gustave, he was Arnaud Massy's assistant at La Boulie (Paris Golf Club) and after WWI he too played in the "Jeux Interalliés".

    In 1912, Golias brothers, representing La Boulie GC, played in the French Open. This year, the winner was Gassiat. The next year, the championship was held for the first time at Chantilly. For as far as we know, only René was there.

The Italaian open was held on the Ville d'Este GC in 1929 where Rene Rene Golias was the winner and also in 1931 where he was runner-up. This later year he won the German open in Berlin.

 René Golias   At "Jeux Interalliés"
 We are very grateful to the Golias family, especially Roger, Léa and her daughter Nathalie who helped us to build this page.  
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