Most - not to say all - books on golf history state that the very first golf open ever played on the Continent was the French open. It was at La Boulie, the Paris Golf Club, in 1906. The winner was Arnaud Massy - the first non British to win the Open (the next year at Hoylake).
Recently, one of our readers, Bill Hewitson, sent us an e-mail with a very interesting information. His grand-uncle, Robert Dunlop, professional at Prestwick went to Denmark and designed the Fano Golf Course, opened in 1901. An open (an inaugural event ?) was the played on August the 10th of the same year. Robert Dunlop was the winner.
As a proof, Bill sent us a picture of the medal clearly proving his assumptions.  
  Front view (on the left) says "Open Golf Championship of Denmark" Fano 1901 Won By Robert Dunlop (Hard to read on the scan). Back view (right) says "Played at Fano, 10th of August 1901".      Unfortunately, we know very few about Robert Dunlop nor the history of the Fano Golf Club. We would appreciate any help from our readers.      Robert Dunlop. Born 30 of August, 1877. Was pro at Prestwick, Scotland. Designed the Fano Golf Course in Denmark in 1901. Eventually gone to the USA in the Chicago area. There is a story that he had drowned in a lake during a New Year's Eve party at the club. It appears that he was not found for some time as the lake froze over.  
More info on Robert Dunlop from our readers.
     Fano Golf Club. A link to the Fano Golf Club which confirms that the course was designed "by a Scotsman named Dunlop".  
  Fano Golf Links
Christoph Meister confirms that an open was played in Fano in 1901 and adds that also a ladies event was organised.
More information on the 1901 Fano Open from our readers.
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