100 Jahre Golf in Deutchland. 10/05/2007
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A momument of approx. 800 pages in four volumes! Edited by the German Golf Federation (DGV) under conceptual design and editorial management of Dietrich Quanz, this work is the definitive history of golf in Germany. Extremely well documented, writen by the most knowledgeable historians, it covers all aspects of German golf. A huge research has been conducted to get the most accurate information. Even if you are not reading German, do not miss this edition. Most of the 1800 or so illustrations are rarely seen and some are printed here for the very first time.
ISBN 978-3-87014-274-2 ; price 89 €.

Volume 1 - Times of Formation up to 1924. By Heiner Gillmeister, Christoph Meister and Dietrich Quanz
Heavenly Opening: The divine golfers country life.
Introduction: With British patrons
   - On Ladies and Youth: A preliminary hommage
   - Golf up to 19th Century: only known from hearsay
   - The First Union of Clubs: established in times full of trouble
DGV-Calendar 1907-1924

Volume 2 - 1924 to 1949 - Sunny Times / Shadow Sides. By Dietrich Quanz, Volker Kluge and Christoph Meister
Introduction: Deep decline after the Golden Twenties and Great German protection
   - Rise and Fall of the First German Golf Association
   - In the No Man’s Land of East and West Germany
DGV-Calendar 1924-1949

Volume 3 - 1949 to 1990 - Times of Families. By Volker Mehnert, Volker Kluge, Christoph Meister and Dietrich Quanz
Introduction: From the Golf idyll to Golf for many people
   - Foundation and Rise of the second German Golf Association
   - Rise of golf in East Germany
DGV-Calendar 1949-1990

Volume 4 - Opening up to the 21th century. By Volker Menhert, Christoph Meister, Dietrich Quanz and Wolfgang Scheffler
Introduction: Challenges in the modern market of golf
   - The German Golf Association and its place in the golf market
   - The golfer’s ball (by Helmut Appel)
   - The golfer’s playing field (by Karl F. Grohs)
   - The golfer’s playing carpet (by Volker Mehnert)
   - The golfer’s rules (by Erich Helmensdorfer/Dietrich Quanz)
   - The golfer’s fortune, flow and fitness (by Heiko K. Strüder)
   - The golfer’s helpers (by Franz Josef Ungerechts/Dietrich Quanz)
   - A heritage of the sunny times: Anthems of Art on Golf (by Walter Borger)
   - The spirit of the game of golf: a philosophizing concluding remark (by Dietrich Quanz)
DGV-Calendar from 1990 to the 21st Century

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